Wednesday, December 22

D.U.I.T acronyms of....?

Salam all..

Every day is always another ggreeaattt day for everyone. A day full of blessings. Blessings in all our undertakings to succeed in this life and hereafter.

Always be grateful and Thankful to Allah with what you have in your life. He never charged us with a penny nor ask us for every breath that we take.

Don't be sad with what you don't have or yet to have. For Allah works in His on ways. Believe that there is always blessing in disguise for all the things that had happened to us for He's the only one who can show us the way...

It'll definately be coming your way should it belongs to you...Sabar, yakin and believe.

Always start your day with D-Doa, U-Usaha, I-Istiqamah and T-Tawakal...the result will be D.U.I.T


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