Wednesday, December 8

SALE!SALE!More Year End Sale...

The year of 2010 isabout to drop down its curtain. So does all the drop down 'SALE' in most every where in Malaysia. And back to school promotion is on again..

Throughout this holiday season of shopping you might hear someone say, "I just had to buy it! It was such a good deal beacuse it was on sale!"

But here's the deal. Just because something is on sale, doesn't mean you can (or should) afford it. And just because it was on sale doesn't mean you have the money.

Another common saying in regards to purchasing items on sale is "I saved so much money!"

But you still SPENT money. So did you really save any money? Were you planning to spend what the item originally cost and then didn't have to? Or would you have not spent the money in the first place if it hadn't been on sale?

I'm ok with spending money. You have to every once in a while. There is nothing wrong with spending money. And if you can find a way to spend less, that's great. But just because you're purchasing something on sale does not mean it is a good idea.

The next time you are tempted to buy something because it is on sale, be sure to think twice.
Would you have bought that item if it wasn't on sale?

JOM saving!! =)


  1. My last new handbag I bought cost me RM590!Salvatore Ferragamo...rasa menyesal sgt!So nekad nak guna beg ni aje for the next 2 years..ok tak? :-)